Distilled with fresh mandarin, this gin delivers a complex juniper led, grapefruit citrus flavour. Accentuated by hints of spice from cassia, light floral coriander, finished with sweet mandarin.

Best served with a premium tonic, plenty of ice and garnished with a wedge of grapefruit.

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This uniquely refreshing gin offers an aromatic nose of fresh herbs, carefully balanced with subtle notes of juniper. A sharp, citrus start develops on the palate into a long, smooth finish of traditional botanicals and sweet basil.

Best served with a premium tonic, plenty of ice and a twist of lime of fresh mint.


You may find that your gin sometimes goes slightly cloudy, especially if you store it somewhere cooler. No need to worry! This occurs from the natural botanical oils in the gin. Some distilleries choose to chill filter their gin, taking away some of these oils but this can strip away some of the flavour, and we don’t want this to happen! We want all of our customers to experience the full flavour of the beautiful botanicals carefully selected for G12.